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Version: 2.34.0

aperturectl install istioconfig

Install example Istio EnvoyFilter


Use this command to install example Istio EnvoyFilter on your Kubernetes cluster. Refer for list of configurable parameters for preparing values file.

aperturectl install istioconfig [flags]


aperturectl install istioconfig --values-file=values.yaml

aperturectl install istioconfig --values-file=values.yaml --namespace=istio-system


  -h, --help   help for istioconfig

Options inherited from parent commands

      --dry-run              If set to true, only the manifests will be generated and no installation will be performed
--kube-config string Path to the Kubernetes cluster config. Defaults to '~/.kube/config'
--namespace string Namespace in which the component will be installed. Defaults to 'default' namespace (default "default")
--values-file string Values YAML file containing parameters to customize the installation
--version string Version of the Aperture