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Version: 2.34.0

aperturectl decisions

Get Aperture Decisions


Use this command to get the Aperture Decisions.

aperturectl decisions [flags]


aperturectl decisions --all
aperturectl decisions --decision-type="load_scheduler"


      --all                    Get all decisions
--controller string Address of Aperture Controller
--controller-ns string Namespace in which the Aperture Controller is running
--decision-type string Type of the decision to get (load_scheduler, rate_limiter, quota_scheduler, pod_scaler, sampler)
-h, --help help for decisions
--insecure Allow connection to controller running without TLS
--kube Find controller in Kubernetes cluster, instead of connecting directly
--kube-config string Path to the Kubernetes cluster config. Defaults to '~/.kube/config' or $KUBECONFIG
--skip-verify Skip TLS certificate verification while connecting to controller


  • aperturectl - aperturectl - CLI tool to interact with Aperture