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Version: 2.34.0

aperturectl dashboard

Generate dashboards for Aperture


Generate dashboards for Aperture

aperturectl dashboard [flags]


      --datasource-name string   Name of the datasource to use (default "controller-prometheus")
-h, --help help for dashboard
--output-dir string Output directory for the generated dashboards (default "dashboards")
--overwrite Overwrite the output directory if it already exists
--policy-file string Path to the policy file to use
--skip-pull Skip pulling the dashboards from the remote repository
--uri string URI of Custom Dashboards, could be a local path or a remote git repository, e.g. This field should not be provided when the Version is provided.
--version string Version of official Aperture Dashboards, e.g. latest. This field should not be provided when the URI is provided (default "latest")


  • aperturectl - aperturectl - CLI tool to interact with Aperture