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Version: 2.34.0

aperturectl Configuration File Format Reference


To avoid specifying --controller, --api-key and --project-name in every aperturectl invocation, aperturectl can use a configuration file located in ~/.aperturectl/config.

The location of this file can be overridden by the APERTURE_CONFIG environment variable and --config option (with the command-line option having higher precedence).

When any explicit flag related to controller location (e.g., --kube, --controller, --api-key or --project-name) is used, the value from the configuration file is ignored for the flag.

If the configuration file is not specified nor present at the default location, aperturectl will try to find the controller at the local Kubernetes cluster (as if the --kube flag were passed).


The aperturectl configuration file uses the following TOML syntax:

url = ""
project_name = "PROJECT_NAME"
api_key = "PERSONAL_API_KEY"

Replace ORGANIZATION_NAME with the Aperture Cloud organization name and PERSONAL_API_KEY with the Personal API key linked to the user. If a Personal API key has not been created, generate a new one through the Aperture Cloud UI. Refer to Personal API Keys for additional information.

All the fields are required (although the file itself is not). See Configuring aperturectl for an example on how to configure aperturectl with Aperture Cloud Controller.


You can create multiple configuration files and use APERTURE_CONFIG environment variable to switch between different projects and organizations.