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Version: 2.34.0

Self-Hosted Aperture Controller


The Aperture Controller functions as the brain of the Aperture system. Leveraging an advanced control loop, the Controller routinely analyzes polled metrics and indicators to determine how traffic should be shaped as defined by set policies. Once determined, these decisions are then exported to all Aperture Agents to effectively handle workloads.

The closed feedback loop functions primarily by monitoring the variables reflecting stability conditions (process variables) and compares them against setpoints. The difference in the variable values against these points is referred to as the error signal. The feedback loop then works to minimize these error signals by determining and distributing control actions, that adjust these process variables and maintain their values within the optimal range.


The Aperture Controller can be installed using the below options:

  1. Kubernetes

    The Aperture Controller can be installed on Kubernetes using the Kubernetes Operator available for it, or using namespace-scoped resources.

  2. Docker

    The Aperture Controller can also be installed on Docker as containers.