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Infra Meter

Telemetry is central to closed loop policies in Aperture. Whereas Flux Meters provide precision telemetry based on traffic flows, Infra Meters provide telemetry from popular technology components such as databases, caches, and orchestrators that make up an application's underlying infrastructure. Several policies such as auto-scale, service protection and feature rollout can provide more accurate control using health and saturation telemetry collected from the infrastructure.

The Aperture Agent process has a built-in OpenTelemetry Collector, which allows defining collection pipelines to gather metrics from various sources. The Infra Meter is a type of policy resource that facilitates the setup of OpenTelemetry pipelines at Aperture Agents. It primarily defines receivers, processors, and a single metrics pipeline. The metrics pipeline data is exported to the Prometheus instance configured in Aperture Controller.


The Infra Meter resource consists of the following key parameters:

Agent Group

The pipeline defined in the Infra Meter is applied to all Agents in the specified agent group.

Per Agent Group

The per_agent_group field is used to mark the pipeline to be instantiated only once per agent group. This is particularly useful for receivers that scrape some cluster-wide metrics. If this field is not set, the pipeline will be instantiated on every agent.


The pipeline represents an OpenTelemetry (OTel) metrics pipeline definition. This pipeline only uses receivers and processors that are defined above. The exporter is added automatically.

In scenarios where no processors are defined, or only one processor is defined, the pipeline definition can be omitted. Under these circumstances, the pipeline will automatically use all given receivers and the defined processor (if any). However, for more than one processor, the pipeline must be defined explicitly.


The processors field is used to define the processors to be used in custom metrics pipelines. The format of these processors should follow the OpenTelemetry (OTel) format.


The receivers are defined to be used in custom metrics pipelines. The format of these receivers should follow the OpenTelemetry (OTel) format.


For examples of configuration and instructions on how to template using environment variables and ConfigMap, refer to the Metrics integration documentation.


PromQL components can refer to the metrics generated by the Infra Meter. The name of the metric(s) depends on the receivers. In addition, the processor can enrich the metric(s) with additional labels. The following labels are present by default on metrics collected by an Infra Meter:

  1. infra_meter_name: Name of the Infra Meter in the resources section
  2. policy_name: Name of the policy that generated the metric
  3. Other common labels available at all Agents, such as instance.