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Version: 2.33.1

FluxNinja Aperture Cloud Extension

This extension enables Aperture Cloud integration for self-hosted Aperture Agents and Controllers. It enriches logs and traces collected by Aperture and sends them to Aperture Cloud. This data is batched and rolled up to optimize bandwidth usage. The extension also sends periodic heartbeats to Aperture Cloud to track health and configuration. This allows you to monitor your policies and analyze flows in Aperture Cloud.

FluxNinja Aperture Cloud extension also provides the possibility to use the Aperture Cloud Controller.

Aperture Cloud Controller

Without the Aperture Controller, self-hosted Aperture Agents won't be able to work. While it's possible to self-host Aperture Controller, Aperture Cloud Controller can be used instead.

Aperture Cloud Controller is an Aperture Controller hosted by Aperture Cloud.

Aperture Cloud Agent

Aperture Cloud Agent is an Aperture Agent hosted by Aperture Cloud.


Configure the following parameters in the values.yaml file generated during installation of the Aperture Controller or Agent:

enable_cloud_controller: true
endpoint: ""
create: true
name: aperture-apikey
key: apiKey
value: "API_KEY"

Replace the values of ORGANIZATION_NAME and API_KEY with the actual values of the organization on Aperture Cloud and API Key generated on it.


For connecting to the Aperture Cloud-based controller, the endpoint must be a grpc/http2 address. Support for https fallback option is in the works.

More details about particular agent installation modes could be found in Get Started: aperture-for-infra Aperture.

Configuration parameters for the FluxNinja Aperture Cloud extension are as follows:

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