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Version: 2.16.0

📦 SDKs

For services to control flows with Aperture Agent, Control Points must be set within the service.

This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Istio/Envoy integration for controlling HTTP or gRPC requests flowing through the service.
  • Aperture SDKs can be used to set feature or traffic (HTTP and gRPC) control points within the service code. This approach allows for fine-grained flow control.
Aperture SDKs available for popular languages, such as :-

Aperture SDK allows you to manually wrap any function call or code snippet inside the service code as a feature control point. Every invocation of the feature is a flow from the perspective of Aperture.



🧩 Middleware

Aperture includes middleware for the following frameworks, helping to set up control points with less code changes: