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Version: 1.1.0

Using instrumentation agent to automatically set control points

Java application can be automatically instrumented using Aperture Instrumentation Agent.

Supported technologies:

FrameworkSupported versions

Latest version of the Aperture Instrumentation Agent jar file can be downloaded here.

Running the java agent

To statically load the java agent when running some application jar, use the following command:

java -javaagent:path/to/javaagent.jar -jar path/to/application.jar

Configuring the java agent

Aperture Java Instrumentation Agent can be configured using a properties file, system properties or environment variables:

Property nameEnvironment variable nameDefault valueDescription
aperture.javaagent.config.fileAPERTURE_JAVAAGENT_CONFIG_FILEPath to a file containing configuration properties
aperture.agent.hostnameAPERTURE_AGENT_HOSTNAMElocalhostHostname of Aperture Agent to connect to
aperture.agent.portAPERTURE_AGENT_PORT8089Port of Aperture Agent to connect to
aperture.connection.timeout.millisAPERTURE_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_MILLIS1000Aperture Agent connection timeout in milliseconds
aperture.javaagent.blocked.pathsAPERTURE_JAVAAGENT_BLOCKED_PATHSComma-separated list of paths that should not start a flow
aperture.javaagent.blocked.paths.regexAPERTURE_JAVAAGENT_BLOCKED_PATHS_REGEXWhether the configured blocked paths should be read as regular expressions

The priority order is > ENV_VARIABLE > properties file.

Example invocation with commandline-set properties:

java -javaagent:path/to/javaagent.jar \
-Daperture.agent.hostname="some_host" \
-Daperture.agent.port=12345 \
-Daperture.javaagent.blocked.paths="/health,/connected" \
-jar path/to/application.jar

Example invocation using a properties file:

java -javaagent:path/to/javaagent.jar \
-Daperture.javaagent.config.file="/" \
-jar path/to/application.jar

The / file: